Prof. Yunqing Huang

Yunqing Huang, Vice president of CSIAM, is a professor of mathematics from Xiangtan University. He obtained his PhD degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1987 and became a full professor in 1993. He started his career in investigating high accuracy analysis of finite element method, such as superconvergence, extrapolation, postprocessing, posteriori estimates etc. He and coauthors proposed a combination of local refinement and mesh optimizations with an adaptive procedure to keep the superconvergence property of the finite element approximations. Their methods ensure that the recovery techniques can guarantee the efficiency of posteriori error indicators. They proved that the local approximation being better than the global error is a sufficient condition for noncomforming element to produce lower bounds for the finite element approximations of the eigenvalues of elliptic operators. This result can be a guide for modifying existed elements which do not provide lower bound as well as inventing new elements. Another research direction of Prof. Huang is the finite element analysis of electromagnetic field in metamaterials. He and coauthors obtained optimal error estimates and superconvergence for various models. They have also worked on modeling and simulations on backward wave propagation and electromagnetic cloaking, including carpet cloak, cylindrical, elliptical cloaks, etc.

Prof Huang has received numerous distinguish awards, such as the sixth Feng Kang Scientific Computing Award, the First Class Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education, the First Class Natural Science Award of the Hunan Province, the Second Class National Award in Teaching Achievements. He is also the Chief Editor of AAMM(Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics), and recipient of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.

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