Prof. Carlos Conca

Carlos Conca was born into an Italian immigrant family in the Chilean capital of Santiago on 4 November 1954. In 1977 he got a position as Assistant Prof essor at the University of Chile and, since then, has devoted his career to research i n Applied Mathematics. His stay in Paris, from 1979 to 1987, was fundamental to his appro ach to science. There he carried out research and worked within the heart of the Mathe matics School of Professor Jacques Louis Lions.
In Chile, he has pioneered the development of Applied Mathem atics. His works have con- tributed decisively in solving various problems coming fro m different areas of knowledge : Mechanics, other Engineering Sciences, and Natural Scienc es, mainly. He has authored two books and 156 scientific papers. He was awarded a Presiden tial Chair in Sciences by the President of the Chilean Republic in 1996, and the year 20 03 was distinguished with the National Award of Exact Sciences by the Ministry of Educa tion. In France, in June 1998, by decision of the Minister of Education, Research and Technology, he was honored “Doctor Honoris Causa” by the University of Metz.
The importance of his research work goes beyond mathematica l theory, to explain phe- nomena in problems and processes of industrial origin. Math ematical models proposed by Carlos at the beginning of the 1980’s gave useful answers to a pplied questions, emanating from the French company “Electricit ́e de France”, on tubula r nuclear reactors. In Chile, he has sheltered a fruitful relationship with the mining com pany CODELCO Chile (Na- tional Copper Corporation of Chile) since more than 30 years ago. The ideas introduced by Carlos have led to important developments in pure and appl ied mathematics, but have also given rise to technological innovations.

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