Prof. Thomas A. Grandine

Dr. Thomas Grandine is a Senior Technical Fellow of The Boeing Company, one of the world's premier aerospace companies, where he has worked for the past 32 years. He received a B.S. degree from Yale University in 1981, and attended graduate school at The University of Wisconsin, studying mathematics and computer science and earning masters degrees in each on his way to a Ph.D. in numerical analysis as a student of Carl de Boor.
His areas of expertise include advanced geometric design, curve and surface modeling, numerical approximation, splines, and multidisciplinary design optimization. He has extensive experience in computational methods for both design and manufacturing applications.
He is a long time member and Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. His involvement in SIAM includes six years as Vice President for Industry, and he is currently a member of the Board of Trustees.

Technical Secretariat

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