Accepted Minisymposia (updated October 01, 2018)

  • A recent development of computational methods for solving differential equations (1 part), Manoj Kumar, India
  • Calculus of variations and optimal control: some applications and generalizations (1 part), Ricardo Almeida, Univ Aveiro
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics: Modeling, Analysis, and Applications (3 parts), Sarah D. Olson
  • Data Assimilation, Prediction, and Uncertainty Quantification for Complex Systems (2 parts), Samuel Stechmann, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Deep Learning and Inverse Problems (2 parts), Joana Sarah Grah, Graz U.
  • Distance Metrics and Mass Transfer Between High Dimensional Point Clouds (3 parts), Naoki Saito, Davis Univ. California
  • Electrodiffusion, fluid flow and ion channels: modeling, analysis and numerics (2 parts), Nir Gavish Israel Technion Haifa
  • Emerging problems in the Homogenization of Partial Differential Equations (2 parts), Patrizia Donato Université de Rouen Normandie
  • Emerging trends in liquid crystals encompassing modelling, simulation and analysis (5 parts), Arghir Zarnescu BCAM
  • Geometry and topology in mass and fluid dynamics (2 parts), Takashi Sakajo Kyoto University
  • Large-Scale Structured Matrix and Eigenvalue Computations (2 parts), Tiexiang Li, Nanjing
  • Modeling and simulation of materials defects and inhomogeneities (7 parts), Luchan Zhang, National University of Singapore
  • Multiscale analysis and numerical methods for oscillatory PDEs (4 parts), Yongyong Cai, Beijing Computational Science Research Center
  • Multiscale and stochastic numerical methods for hyperbolic conservation laws (2 parts), Maria Lukacova, Mainz
  • Numerical analysis for PDE constrained optimization (2 parts), Johannes Pfefferer, Technische Universität München
  • Numerical methods for PDE-based multi-physics models in biomechanics (5 parts), Ricardo Ruiz Baier, Oxford University
  • Recent advances in kinetic computation: forward and inverse problems (3 parts), Qin Li, UW-Madison
  • Recent Advances in Optimal Control Theory (5 parts), Alexander Zaslavski, The Technion Institute of Technology Haifa
  • Recent Advances in Tomographic Imaging (3 parts), Markus Haltmeier, University of Innsbruck
  • Systems, patterns and data engineering with geometric calculi (2 parts), Sebastian Xambó, UPC
  • Uncertainty quantification in imaging (2 parts), Tanja Tarvainen, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio

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