Related SEMA Activities

SEMA and the applied mathematics community in Spain participate in a dynamic way in the organization of events related to the reinforcement of the research and the social impact of industrial and applied mathematics. This activity is threefold:
  • Organizing scientific events: SEMA regularly participates in the organization of minisymposia of international congresses (ICIAM and ECCOMAS events, particularly). It also co-organizes joint meetings with neighboring societies, such as the recent joint SIMAI/SEMA congress on Applied and Industrial Mathematics. In addition, it organizes national congresses on applied and industrial mathematics: 
    • The National Spanish Congress on Applied Mathematics. The last edition, the XXIII-rd, was hosted by Universitat Jaume I (Castellón), in September 2013.
    • The Spanish-French School on Numerical Simulation in Physics and Mechanics “Jacques-Louis Lions”. The last edition, the XVI-th took place in Pamplona last September 2014.
  • Structuring the relationship with industry: Recently a network of research teams oriented to industrial applications, called Spanish Network for Mathematics and Industry (math-in) has been created. It plays the role of an active interface between applied mathematics research and industry, and keeps close links to SEMA. The network math-in is focused on transferring mathematical technology to business and industrial sectors, thus stimulating an increase in competitiveness in the research groups involved and industry itself. It is chaired by Professor Peregrina Quintela.
  • Promoting scientific publications: Since January 2011, SEMA publishes regularly the SEMA Journal (the former Bulletin SEMA), with four issues per year and around four papers per issue. Starting in January 2013, this journal will be published by Springer. It includes peer-reviewed research and review articles of remarkably high quality. The last volume, published in August 2014, is No. 65. The Editor-in-Chief is Professor S. Amat and, at present, the Editorial Board is composed by Professors G. Allaire, R. Bru, C. Calderer, C. Conca, M. J. Gander, F. Guillén-González, A. Iserles, J. M. Mazón, A. Münch, P. Pedregal, I. Peral, B. Perthame, E. Ponce, A. Quarteroni, J. Robinson, Chi-Wang Shu, C. Vázquez-Cendón, L. Vega and E. Zuazua. In addition, SEMA publishes the Proceedings and Course Notes of the regular scientific events mentioned above.