Key features of the congress

The achievement of a high scientific level in the congress is based on a methodological strategy whose key features are the following:
  • Scientific committees. The overall design of the scientific structure will be advised by a global and by several thematic scientific committees of top-level researchers in Applied and Industrial Mathematics. The present proposal will be approved by an Advisory Scientific Committee.
  • Invited speakers. Invited talks by high-level speakers will take place in both plenary and semi-plenary (parallel) lectures. These invited speakers will be elected by the corresponding global and thematic scientific committees mentioned in the point above.
  • Thematic minisymposia. Covering the spectrum of applied and industrial mathematics. Specific organizing committees will be in charge of promoting and supporting the organization of these minisymposia.
  • Industrial mathematics. Focusing on the many mathematical problems arising in industry. Math-in, a Spanish network for industrial mathematics, with base in the University of Santiago de Compostela, has been recently created. In ICIAM Valencia 2019 we want to emphasize the relevance of the mathematical problems arising in industry. In particular, a relevant part of invited talks and of the thematic minisymposia will deal with industrial mathematics. Special care will be taken to include minisymposia organized by representatives of the industry.  
  • Biomathematics. There is a steady increase of the application of mathematics to biological and health processes. A special place will be allowed to invited speakers and minisymposia dealing with those issues.
  • Mathematics applied to the social sciences. Relevant mathematical challenges are raised by economy, finance, population, risk management, among other activities of the human societies. Those problems will be specially hosted, by means of specific invited speakers and minisymposia.
  • Environmental mathematics. Environmental mathematics play an increasing relevant role due to issues such as global warming, environmental risks evaluation and territory management, among other. A special place will be attributed to invited speakers and minisymposia dealing with those issues.
  • Pre-congress workshops for developing countries. Applied mathematics are experiencing an important development in countries of Maghreb, Sub-Sahara, South and Central America, and Southern Asian areas. There exist relevant and steadily increasing links between applied mathematicians of Spain and those countries. We intend to organize satellite and pre-congress workshops in 2017-2018, to bring them up to speed on modern developments. In particular, at the present moment there exists an expression of interest to organize such events by the Moroccan Society for Applied Mathematics, the Mediterranean Institute for Mathematical Sciences of Tunisia, and the Mathematical Society of Cameroon.
  • Satellite meetings. Several meetings taking place in Western and Mediterranean Europe, Maghreb and Africa countries will be held concurrently with the Congress. The Mathematics an Applied Mathematics societies of several countries in those areas already have expressed their interest in organizing them.
  • Public outreach sessions. Intended to transmit to the general public the interest of the applications of mathematics. These sessions will be organized by a specific thematic committee, in coordination with the corresponding scientific committee.
  • Exhibits. Exhibitors will be gathered in a central area of the venue to ensure maximum exposure. A specific committee will be in charge of its organization. We intend to count on the participation of scientific book editors, scientific software developers, high-technology manufacturers, facilities, banks and insurance firms (among others), as well as touristic, and government delegations.